To be honest, at first I was sceptical, but I have had 2sessions now with Heidi and feel amazed with how I feel in such a short time. Heidi is very professional and puts you at ease the moment you walk through the door. I would highly recommend Heidi Walker Hypnotherapy Training .

Stephen Walker

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with the lovely Heidi Walker, to overcome social anxiety and anxiety in public speaking.
I always avoid this as I clam up and have feelings of insecurity and unworthiness.
Well today was the big challenge, I was due to give a talk about myself and my therapies to a lovely group of ladies who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ME and other debilitating illnesses.
So I pulled up my big girl pants and………..

I DID IT!!!!! No stammering, no beetroot faced, no palpitations!!!

Heidi Walker you are fabulous and I’ll see you next week.

Sally Nash

Wow! I had my first ever hypnotherapy session today with the wonderful Heidi. Before we began, Heidi put me at ease with her friendly yet professional approach. The session itself was amazing. I have never felt so relaxed – enough to feel subtle physical changes. I can’t wait to return for my next session. In the meantime, I will proceed with my recordings. Thank you so much, Heidi. Go and see her, you will feel in safe hands!

Wendy Paterson
This I can truly say was the most amazing thing I’ve done with my life. Heidi is just a through and through brilliant teacher, she should be really proud of herself. She was great at helping when needed, her delivery of this programme was easy to follow and she was just a pure delight.


Chloe Osmond

Fantastic, makes you feel very safe and relaxed, very professional, cannot recommend enough. Already booked another follow-up session. Thank you so much Heidi Walker Hypnotherapy Training! 🙂 x

Liz Groves

WOW! Where to start..? I had been suffering for well over a year and this was suggested to try and help. Heidi was not only professional but so friendly and calming. She explained everything thoroughly and really put me at ease. Amazing results just from the first session!! and I felt so relaxed from it too. Each further session Heidi found different/new scripts to do specifically for what I was suffering with or felt I needed to work on. She also accommodated for how I felt at each session. I could not believe the change in me from just a few sessions with Heidi, after months of trying alternative treatments and holistic therapies prior to this, with no joy. I was like a new person.. well the old me.. managing to do things I’d struggled doing for so long. I can’t thank Heidi enough and would 100% recommend to anyone!!

Holley Burrows

Well, I’m not one for publicising my problems, but when I met Heidi I’m not ashamed to say I was a mess, struggling to function to be fair!
She explained what hypnotherapy is to me, put me completely at ease, explained every step to me keeping me informed.
Now some will say hypnotherapy is Mumbo jumbo, but I beg to differ! Within eight weeks and several treatments I am well on the path to a happy recovery!
I cannot begin to thank Heidi for what she has done and how much she has helped me!
I will be continuing to get hypno long after I achieve all my goals to keep me “topped” up!
If your in doubt, try it! Seriously it’s saved me from the black dog….

Jim Howard

I saw Heidi as I wanted to give up alcohol. I had been meaning to do it for ages and every time seemed the wrong time. So when I was given a nudge to see Heidi I knew I was ready. She was amazing, we ‘clicked’ straightaway. She listened to me and asked the right questions to get the right answers, it was very relaxed and her voice was so soothing. She also recorded it so I have been listening to it as I lie in bed. Since my first session (I had 3) I have not felt any need or want to drink alcohol. A very big thank you Heidi.

Debbie McLeod

I had sessions with Heidi for weight loss. I did lose weight, but I also gained affirmation, focus, self-appreciation and confidence to believe that I CAN do it! her passion and enthusiasm are infectious, it is a real win situation.

Alison Lambert

Thank you for today Heidi. I came in crying and walked out feeling a lot better, you are very professional and understanding , looking forward to my next sessions.

Sam Evans