How to Choose a Hypnotherapist

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If you’ve decided to try hypnotherapy, take a little time to pick your Therapist. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool and can be used in lots of ways. There are many types of hypnotherapy so spend a little time researching and choosing which one may suit you.

Anybody considering hypnotherapy should first check with one of the regulatory bodies that exist, for advice and direction to therapists in their area. The General Hypnotherapy Register and The National Hypnotherapy Society are amongst the largest and are happy to confirm that a practitioner is properly qualified, and insured. On saying that, the hypnotherapy community itself struggles to agree on which of the myriad qualifications are the best to have, and many of the often great streams of letters after practitioners names, refer only to their membership of professional organisations and are not necessarily qualifications at all.

After checking out and finding a therapist, the next most important thing in choosing a hypnotherapist is quite simply how you think you’ll get on with them, and with the techniques they use. Some say that the relationship you have with your hypnotherapist is one of the most trusting relationships you should have. Who else do you trust with your eyes closed? This is known as the Therapeutic Alliance, and the better your relationship with your therapist, the stronger this alliance will be. Go with your instincts.

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