Graduating Students of Hypnotherapy

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Last week I had my first students graduate, Darrel Osmond, Jonathan Sarson and Chloe Osmond.  A big CONGRATULATIONS to them.

I’d like to welcome Darrel , who will be working with me here at Soul Solutions Hypnotherapy, he will be doing more of the no smoking and weightloss hypnotherapy, and I will be carrying on specializing in the more ‘mental health’ side, including anxiety, depression, trauma, fears and phobias.

Having two therapists of different genders will help some clients who prefer to see a male or female therapist, for whatever reason, you now have the choice.

Also it will give me more time to train more hypnotherapists, because lets face it, the NHS waiting times are terrible and we need more therapists out there to help in this crisis.  More and more people are getting anxious these days, but resources are becoming less.

If you’re interested in becoming a therapist and helping others contact me and I’ll send you a prospectus, which shows you how you could run your own therapist practice too.


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