Does hypnotherapy online work?

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Experience hypnotherapy online from the comfort of your own home with Heidi Walker Hypnotherapy Training . Things have felt more up in the air recently, and some people are feeling more anxious, stressed and depressed, which is only natural. People have been worrying about their futures, jobs, businesses, families, and money. Being in isolation has also felt very daunting and lonely for some, and all of these things could be affecting their/your mental health.

I have been asked does Hypnotherapy online work? The answer is definitely yes, and very well in fact. Working online is not a new concept and many hypnotherapists, including myself, have worked very successfully online. Achieving the same results as face to face.

What do you need to do for your online session?

Firstly, make yourself comfortable in an armchair with good head support, or lie on your bed. Secondly, make sure you won’t be disturbed by animals, children or partners, (a cat can be very disturbing when jumping on you in hypnosis!) Thirdly, just close your eyes and listen.

Normally it is better to use a bigger screen, like a laptop or tablet, but it is not necessary, your phone will suffice. Before the session make sure your battery is full, or have it plugged in for the duration of the session. Ideally I need to see your head and shoulders, so I can pick up other signals and vital clues that you are experiencing hypnosis, for example; your breathing will show me that you are calm and relaxed.

Preferably I use the Zoom platform as I believe the connection is stronger, but Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp or Messenger video can be used,. These are FREE platforms that you can download to your device.

One question I get asked is “Can you get stuck in a trance?”. The answer is no, this is a myth, it is like saying you can get stuck being asleep. Even if you are deeply relaxed, you will still be able to open your eyes and feel completely normal if we lose connection. I always set up a fail-safe suggestion so that if the connection gets broken you can open your eyes, rejoin, and go straight back into the relaxed state you were in before.
Want to try a session online?

Feel free to message me using the contact message on my contact page (click here to take you there)

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