How does Hypnotherapy help with confidence and self esteem?

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Hypnotherapy can help immensely with confidence and self esteem, because there’s usually an underlying reason why we feel the way we do.

All clients are given confidence and ego boosting in their first session, because it is a huge part to helping my clients feel better and stronger about themselves, from the very beginning of therapy.

Every session that I do includes some sort of confidence or self esteem boosting,

When someone has made a flippant comment,  been teased, abused or bullied in some way, mentally or physically, intentionally or not, it can have a detrimental effect on how they perceive they can cope with something.  Things that our parents, teachers and friends say to us can also make an effect on decisions we make, how we feel, and how we behave.

Low self-esteem can be the underlying problem for many negative behaviours, such as bullying behaviour and making others feel bad, to make themselves feel better.  People that are verbally bullied, adults or children, can actually begin to believe that what is being said is true, they begin to doubt themselves, and can get frustrated at the thought that they haven’t got the strength to stick up for themselves.

People often compare themselves to others, and become unaware of their achievements and qualities about them, focussing only on what is negative.  It’s true what they say, that we can receive 20 compliments and 1 negative comment, and we will always remember the 1 negative comment above the 20 compliments.

So low self-esteem can be the cause or the consequence of problems, it is based on the value we place on the image that we have of ourselves.  When we have a higher value of ourselves, our confidence rises, and so we can cope with more things in our lives, and deal better with everyday situations.

How do we help someone with low self-esteem?

We can help someone by getting them see a more accurate view of themselves, what qualities that person has, what abilities they have, that they are a fun, likeable and lovable person, pay a genuine compliment whenever possible, and don’t focus on negative behaviour (if they are showing any).

You may have noticed that people with low self esteem are actually brilliant at rejecting compliments, refusing to accept any suggestions for competence, success or ability, why is that?  It’s because it prevents them from letting others down when they inevitably fail, and this therefore gives them a level of protection from disappointing themselves or others.

So how do I build confidence in my clients?  Well the least effective way is to simplty tell them how wonderful they are… they don’t believe me, and can argue the fact with the self imge view they have of themselves, it is much better for them to see it for themselves, and imply that one day they will see it and succeed, it’s just a question of when they will notice that, but it will come with time.

All mental health is based on whether we believe we can cope with something or not.  When we believe we can cope with something it is no longer is a problem.

And pure confidence isn’t “Will they like me?”  Confidence is “I will be OK if they don’t”.

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Using Hypnotherapy to Boost Confidence and Reduce Limiting Beliefs

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